miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

Pete Townshend - All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (1982)

version cassette Indonesia


1.- Stop Hurting People
2.- The Sea Refuses No River
3.- Prelude
4.- Face Dances, Pt. 2
5.- Exquisitely Bored
6.- Communication
7.- Stardom In Acton
8.- Uniforms (Corp d’esprit)
9.- North Country Girl
10.- Somebody Saved Me
11.- Slit Skirts

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nota: esta entrada tiene algo en particular... descúbranlo! ;)


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Marko dijo...

Hello there,

Even though I understand only few words of Spanish, this is a very entertaining blog for me as The Who is the most important and influential rock band of my life.

I notice you're missing links to videos of some of Pete's solo songs. You can find few of them over at my page on Dailymotion where I have posted over 700 Who-related video clips.


Thanks so much, keep up the good work and long live rock!

Mario Gossman dijo...


thank you very much for visiting my blog
and thanks for the web videos you have, this very good!

greetings from Chile!